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a faramir gen and het fic exchange
Welcome to faramirexchange, a Faramir gen and het fanfiction exchange!

This exchange was created to celebrate our love of JRR Tolkien's wonderful character of Faramir, and since we, the mods, saw LoTR exchanges dominated primarily by slash, we wanted to make one for gen and het only to give non-slashers a place to join.

The moderators are arahiril and alexajohnson. We promise that we are friendly and want to have as warm and fun an environment as possible, but a lot of that depends upon you--so please read the userinfo carefully, and if you have any further questions (at any time!) don't hesitate to email the mods at the exchange email, faramir.exchange@gmail.com!

Community Code of Conduct:

1. Disrespect and flaming will NOT be tolerated towards anyone, including the mods. We want this community to have as warm and friendly an atmosphere as possible, but we reserve the right to unleash bitchiness if we think it's warranted. However, we DO NOT WANT to have to do this, so please keep it clean!

2. Stories and artwork archived at faramirexchange remain the property of the participants and are not to be posted, archived or redistributed elsewhere, except where the participants permits.

3. Please have respect for the character(s) and pairing if you intend to comment -- respect for the pairing is respect for the community, its writers and members.

4. This community is reserved for the posting of stories that are part of exchanges. Please do not post to promote the latest chapter of one of your stories, recommend your favourite fic or request help finding something you read a really long time ago. There are better places for those things than here.

Dates for Round One
Sign-ups: End on November 14th
Assignments Mailed: Hopefully no later than November 16th
Deadline: December 29th
Posting Begins: January 1st
The Big Reveal: January 5th, or thereabouts

(Note: we will try to keep to these dates to the best of our ability, but please allow for some wiggle room in case we have to be a bit flexible =D)

Submission Rules

1. We won't force you to find a beta-reader, but we expect all entries to be proofread thoroughly and absent of grammar and spelling errors. If you want a beta but are having a problem finding one, please contact the mods and we will do our best to help you out!

2. All fics must be at least 500 words in length and COMPLETE.

3. All fics must be properly coded--if you have questions about how this is done, there are plenty of HTML tutorials on the intrawebs, but if you still need extra help, just contact the mods and we will provide it for you!

4. To write or request an NC-17 fic, you MUST be 18 years of age or older, and must have some kind of age statement in your el-jay so we can verify it.

5. If you have any questions regarding your assignment, please do NOT contact your recipient! Direct concerns to the mods, who will then forward them to your recipient and will get back to you promptly.

6. If you absolutely must drop out/need an extension, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the mods know as soon as possible. We understand that Real Life situations take precedence over fandom, but we will be more forgiving if you let us know as far in advance as you can so that we will be able to find a pinch-hitter to take over your assignment.

6. Send all submissions (fully coded!) to the mods when they are ready to faramir.exchange@gmail.com

7. And most importantly--HAVE FUN!!! =D

Please do check out The Faramir Fiction Archive - their goal is to archive all Faramir fanfiction. There's a lot of slash there right now, but it's up to us to help make their site more representative of the Faramir fandom as a whole.